Undergraduate Oncology

Welcome to Undergraduate Oncology.

These resources have been developed by oncologists in the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre and Wollongong Hospital to use for teaching postgraduate medical students about oncology issues in the hospital rotations. They are presented as a weekly series exploring oncological issues within particular presenting complaints. The presentations are presented as a rolling weekly presentation with the resources being stored for those not present.

I apologise for calling postgraduate medical student "undergraduate", but I wish to distinguish these pre-medical graduation students from the post-medical graduation registrars training to be specialists, who I designate as "postgraduates". It is not meant to belittle, just distinguish.

The format of each weekly event is listed below:

  • a short CASE PRESENTATION of an oncological problem. This will be prepared from a real patient and is usually brief, along with a list of tasks that will be assigned to 2 students.
  • a presentation from an oncologist. The oncologist will produce a single page of clinical thought based on his perception of the case where hopefully thinking and intuition will be demonstrated, rather than just facts. Eventually it is hoped that videos will be available. During and following the presentation, there will be time for interactions.

Please note that by and large these cases are real, but that some cases have been fabricated to match the need for a message about oncology management. The discussions are not designed to be definitive expositions of the state of the art, but rather ruminations of oncologists showing what catches their eye.

Weekly Topics

(Weekly Topics Template)

[[[UndergraduateOncologyTopic0 |Introduction to Oncology

Week Problem Phase 2 Block A1 Phase 2 Block A2 Phase 2 Block B1 Phase 2 Block B2
1 Lump Lump on Head P2/08 Lump in Neck P2/08 Lump in Breast Lump in Testis
2 Pain Pain in the Hip P2/08 Pain in the Abdomen P2/08 Pain on Swallowing P2/08 Pain on Walking
3 Blood Vaginal Bleeding P2/08 Haemoptysis P2/08 Haematuria Haematochezia
4 Falling Falling for Radiotherapy P2/08 Falling (steroids) P2/08 Falling for Chemotherapy Falling (hemianopia)
5 Swelling Swollen Leg P2/08 Swollen Arm I P2/08 Swollen Scrotum Swollen Chin
6 Big Abdomen Yellow P2/08 Black P2/08 'Pregnoid' Again and Again
7 Noise Hoarse P2/08 Hot Potato None Breathe in
8 Feelings Mother P2/08 Child Time to go Biography
9 Neglect Self Medical Self-harm Swollen Arm II
10 Race Oi! Oi! Oi! P2/08 Uni of Hong Kong Affluence Poverty

Research & Critical Analysis

Research & Critical Analysis Assignment 1

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