Tumour Pathology Case 002


  1. Name the organ, and explain your reasoning.
  2. The following questions relate to this image above and provide enlarged views of each area:
    1. There are three components visible in this image - list the three tissues (image #1a 5X)
    2. Within this component there are two distinctly tissues. Identify the two tissues and their different purposes (image #1b 20X)
    3. Describe this tissue and its function (image #2 20X)
    4. These tissues are similar but different. Explain why and how they are different. (image #3 20X), (image #4 20X)
    5. This area shows the junction of the previous two tissues, what is it called? (image #6 20X)
    6. Explain why you think that this is an artery? (image #5 20X)
    7. What is this structure and what is its function? What stain could be used to demonstrate this clearly? (image #7 10X)
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