The Owner

Who am I?

I am a radiation oncologist working in Australia, and I am involved in the training of new radiation oncologists. I also want a site where I can put repetitive information - you know, what are the DVH constraints for liver again? Is it 30Gy to 40% or 40Gy to 30%, or both?
What's not to like?

  • the writing style? I like to be conversational and include wise cracks.
  • your assessment of the degree of helpfulness? While I am concerned that you should understand the material, in the end I can do nothing if not informed, and finally, I am doing this for me, not you. Good fortune to you if you happen to benefit.
  • the colour scheme? Wait a while and it will change when I get bored with it.
  • the picture? Can't change that, sorry!

If you feel that you have something NICE to say, you can reach me at:

(forgive the presentation method, but I don't really want my email put out for a crawler to be able to parse.)
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