RANZCR Manual Planning Paper

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

Examination for Diploma, Part II

Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy Treatment Planning - Practical

Time Allowed : 1 hours

The attached patient contour gives some relevant anatomical detail of the patient for whom the clinical
information is provided on the attached page. A separate anatomical diagram is supplied for Q3.
An examination Book is provided for written answers.

Assuming the patient is to be irradiated with curative intent, complete the following : -

  1. Give the preferred prescription. The prescription should include :
    • Tumour dose (Gray)
    • Fractionation/time period
    • Critical normal tissues, if any
  2. Cross-hatch or colour in the volume to be irradiated to the tumour dose on the patient contour.
  3. Draw the position of the fields on the separate anatomical diagram and indicate field size(s).
  4. Complete an appropriate simple isodose plot.
  5. Using the isodose plot calculate the dose in per cent AND Gray for each of the following :
    • Applied dose on the central axis from each beam
    • Maximum dose within the tumour volume
    • Minimum dose within the tumour volume
    • Maximum dose in any critical tissue
  6. Label the plan with the following :
    • Beam energy/type
    • Isocentric or fixed FSD technique
    • Field(s) size in mms
    • Arrows to indicate direction of beam(s)
  7. List any steps that could be taken to improve the dose distribution.

Hand in for assessment the Examination Book, the completed isodose plot and anatomical diagram, and all working drawings.

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