Pass The Examinations


well, what did you think I was going to say?

study some more!

is your bum numb? No?

Then study some more!

"To be successful in study, there is no substitute for your bum on the seat."
A.A.Miller 1994

oh yes, some other things …

* touch, watch the use of & handle all the equipment
* ask your seniors to find out if you are ready to sit the examination - then LISTEN CAREFULLY!

Seriously, there are some things that will help you, but few have quite the same impact of time studying and learning. Some other, possibly obvious pointers follow.

You are involved in attempting to become a medical specialist - this is not easy, this is hard work. Would you be happy with a radiation oncologist treating your mother if there was less than a wonderful level of physics and biology knowledge, or if the RO couldn't tell a node from a vessel? Seems self explanatory doesn't it?!

So … if you have planned your bum, get started!

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