Part 1 Answers

This a a repository of examination answers provided by people who are willing to have their work displayed, so no credit is given to any piece of work.

Year Session Question file
2004 August Q1 You need to select an appropriate external beam to treat a thin but 3 cm wide BCC lying over the bridge of the patient’s nose. Thoroughly discuss the radiotherapeutic PHYSICS issues involved in selecting the appropriate beam. part1_2004_aug_q1.pdf
2004 August Q2 With reference to the Radiotherapy Photon Beam Penumbra
(a) Define the term
(b) Describe and discuss 3 types of penumbra, drawing on your knowledge of various photon beams, beam shielding and modifying devices and their clinical use
(c) Discuss the clinical advantages and disadvantages of both large and small beam penumbra.
2004 August Q3 In the radical treatment of a tumour situated in the clivus (base of skull), consider the radiotherapy treatment modalities [teletherapy and brachytherapy] typically available in a modern radiotherapy department. Discuss the modalities you would use and those you would reject. Use your knowledge of the PHYSICS of each modality to justify your answer, for this particular application. part1_2004_aug_q3.pdf
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