Margrethe Bohr

The daughter of a pharmacist, Margrethe Norlund was born in 1890 and grew up in a
small Danish town fifty miles from Copenhagen. She met Niels Bohr in 1910 while she
was studying to become a French teacher. They married in 1912. The union produced
six sons, two of whom, tragically, were lost.

Margrethe Bohr assisted her brilliant husband in his work, acting as a sounding board,
dictation-taker, typist and editor to produce the many drafts of his scientific papers. A
close friend of the family once observed that Margrethe had “a decisive role in making
Niels’ whole scientific and personal activity possible and harmonious."

Margrethe Bohr passed away in 1984. She was 95. She is buried in Copenhagen with
her husband.

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