Map Of Medicine

The Map of Medicine is a commercialised effort of the NHS which has produced medical guidelines/protocols/advice (pick the term you like!) covering well recognised medical circumstances. The workflow described is described in the language of the doctor and so is easy to understand. The categories described are broad and so are not useful for mapping into a workflow modelling notation without a lot of work.

This example comes from the public access part of their site which I linked above.


The entire MoM guideline for Prostate Cancer is available on the website, or here as a PDF (which is provided by the website. It was printed on 11/09/2010 so be cognisant that it may be out of date, or that it may not reflect your local communities practice. It does however include a good deal of data about the management and options, and while some parts of it have an emphasis which is distinctly surgical, overall it is a good place to start.)

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