Linac Commissioning

What is the purpose of commissioning a linear accelerator?(1 mark)

The purpose of the process of commissioning of a linac by physicists is to:

  • define all of its operational characteristics (mechanical, radiation, safety, optical)
  • serve as a basis for later QA comparisons
  • use as a specification for predictive software

List two (2) activities which should be undertaken when commissioning a new linear accelerator, and for each activity describe i) how this activity is undertaken (2 marks), and ii) how the results are used when the linear accelerator is in clinical use (2 marks)

What is the purpose of performing quality assurance on a linear accelerator? (1 mark)

The purpose of performing QA on a linear accelerator …. is to ensure that the machine is operating within the expectation derived from the original commissioning, which is to say that its originally defined operational characteristics are still applicable to any predictive software being used.

List two (2) quality assurance activities undertaken on a linear accelerator (do not repeat activities from part b), and for each activity describe (4 marks) i) how this activity is undertaken, ii) how often this activity is undertaken, and iii) the action taken when a measurement is outside the accepted range

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