Emami Ijrobp 21 109 1991

Tolerance of Normal Tissue to therapeutic irradiation.
Emami B, Lyman J, et al.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 1991 May 15;21(1):109-22

The importance of knowledge on tolerance of normal tissue organs to irradiation by radiation oncologists cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, current knowledge is less than adequate. With the increasing use of 3-D treatment planning and dose delivery, this issue, particularly volumetric information, will become even more critical. As a part of the NCI contract N01 CM-47316, a task force, chaired by the primary author, was formed and an extensive literature search was carried out to address this issue. In this issue. In this manuscript we present the updated information on tolerance of normal tissues of concern in the protocols of this contract, based on available data, with a special emphasis on partial volume effects. Due to a lack of precise and comprehensive data base, opinions and experience of the clinicians from four universities involved in the contract have also been contributory. Obviously, this is not and cannot be a comprehensive work, which is beyond the scope of this contract.
PMID: 2032882

Organ TD 5/5 TD 50/5
Bladder 6500 8000
Brachial plexus 6000 7500
Brain 4500 6000
Brainstem 5000 6500
Cauda equina 6000 7500
Esophagus 5500 6800
Femoral head 5200 6500
Heart 4000 5000
Kidney 2300 2800
Larynx 7000 8000
Lens 1000 1800
Liver 3000 4000
Lung 1750 2450
Optic chiasm 5000 6500
Optic nerve 5000 6500
Parotid gland 3200 4600
Rectum 6000 8000
Retina 4500 6500
Spinal cord (10cm) 5000 7000
Small intestine 4000 5500
Stomach 5000 6500
Thyroid 4500 8000
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