Cranial Nerve I

Olfactory nerve

  • first of twelve cranial nerves
    • supply specialized olfactory receptor neurons in the mucosa of the upper parts of the nasal cavity.
        • collection of sensory nerve fibers that
    • receptor neurons continue to be born throughout life and extend new axons to the olfactory bulb
    • Olfactory ensheathing glia wrap bundles of these axons and are thought to facilitate their passage into the central nervous system.
  • subserves the sense of smell
    • correct name is "olfaction"
      • stimulation of receptors by gas molecules from the nose during respiration.
      • electrical activity is transduced into the olfactory bulb
        • transmits the electrical activity to other parts of the olfactory system and
        • central nervous system via the olfactory tract.
    • shortest cranial nerves
    • one of two that do not join with the brainstem.


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