Clinical Case 014

Groups of Three

  1. What anatomical sites must be assessed for a patient with a malignant neck node containing SCC?
  2. What are the exact prognostic groups used to define prostate cancer risk?
  3. What is the difference between the stage definition of a T3 lip, T3 lateral tongue and a T3 buccal mucosa?
  4. Name three cancers where one or more components of the TNM staging system have an abnormal prognostic value.
  5. What are the prognostic factors that predict local recurrence in breast cancer?
  6. What sites should be assessed initially in a patient who presents with weight loss, appetite loss and fatigue without any other differentiating history?
  7. Name three plants and how they are related to cancer.
  8. Name microbes and how they are related to cancer.
  9. Name three minerals and how they are related to cancer.
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