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…. is an amalgam of information, talks given, old examination questions, reflections and such like that relate to radiation oncology. It is primarily aimed at trainees. I aim to increase its size by interacting with trainees who want to have questions answered.

If you have no connection to Radiation Oncology and have wandered in here by mistake, please feel free to browse and if you think that my design sucks, please tell me how to improve it. If you think my design sucks and you don't have any constructive criticism, then thanks for wandering by and don't feel slighted if I say your comments won't be appreciated.

… so how is it arranged under "the index"?

I have organised the data in several different sections which you can select on the left of the page. You can read about them by selecting one below.

You can chat with me and others if you have a GoogleTalk account. I have tried other IM methods (and still look), but they all seem to go through some-one else's server and I just don't trust them (the thing that you can really trust Google for is no viruses!)

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